ultrasonic facial treatment

Ultrasonic facial treatment tones the muscles by repeatedly contracting them with the electric current, resulting in their firming and toning. Research has proven that ultrasonic treatment works on a deeper level compared to many other traditional facial techniques.

The ultrasonic facial machine is a machine with a paddle attached on the end of it that uses a low-frequency ultrasonic vibration to deeply penetrate dirt and grime on the face. It is completely safe and highly effective, with no downtime, redness or pain.



The client will lie down as if they would for any other procedure, I will then take a few minutes to explain the process and will also ask if there are any special treatments such as acne or anti-aging, which I may wish to concentrate their skincare efforts.

I will gently cleanse and massage the skin - the skin needs to be relaxed and the pores open to receive the maximum benefit of the procedure. During the first step of the ultrasonic treatment, machine paddle is used to loosen dead skin cells. These dead skin cells tend to dry out the skin and cause it to become dull in appearance and sheen. The next step is the peeling process. Here, the machine pulses water into the skin very quickly in order to flush out dirt that has become trapped in the pores. At my discretion, steam may also be used for a "deeper clean". The third step can be very customized as I apply a natural vitamin serum or essential oils to the face and then uses the ultrasonic facial paddle to penetrate the face very deeply, allowing it to reach deeper places normal serums generally do not. The last step resembles the first step, but differs in that it allows me to tone and lift the face. Increasing collagen production and to rejuvenate the muscles of the face.



The ultrasonic facial treatment is recommended for all skin types, but has shown remarkable results for those with skin problems or acne because the machine works deeply into the skin, allowing deeper cleaning. It is also recommended for those seeking anti-aging benefits because of the fantastic lifting properties associated with the method.

Session length is about 30 to 60 min depending on addition treatment, such as massage and mask.